The Strategic

 Email Personalisation 


  • Create new email revenue opportunities
  • Slash email production time
  • Works with your existing email provider

Reignite helps email marketers unlock new revenue opportunities within their database using a range of advanced personalisation techniques including content feeds, product recommendations and 'quick wins' widgets.

Works with every  email marketing platform 

What is  Strategic Email Personalisation ? 

Strategic email personalisation content is unique to each individual, but also creates additional benefits to brands beyond increased click-rates.

Improved Email

Streamline email production & remove manual tasks while creating more relevant content.

Optimise Stock
Utilisation & Margin

Use personalisation to sell those hard to shift stock lines & boost high margin items.

Create New Revenue Opportunities

Open up new campaign possibilities not previously possible by using email personalisation.

Enhanced Database

Adding personalisation across all email campaigns helps retain engagement for longer across your database

 Reignite  Capabilities

Personalise at scale

Deliver unique personalised products, offers & content at the moment of open

  • Personalise using customer data or utilise recommendation models
  • Recipe builder enables full merchandising control over the items shown
  • Contextually target content by location or weather

Slash email production time

Use any data source to streamline the build of email content, replacing manual content build with a simple HTML snippet.

  • Build one template and let the data feed populate the email
  • Updates at moment of open so no more last minute HTML updates
  • Reduces errors by removing human production

Refreshed content at moment of open

Reignite content is refreshed on each open, meaning the email is never out of date.

  • Show live pricing, availability, currency rates, odds & much more
  • Hide and show different offers to match promotion periods
  • Display urgency messaging such as live remaining stock & the number of people currently watching an item

Create incredible email experiences

Delight customers with new email experiences.

  • Use ‘Year-in-review’ data driven creative to engage with your top customers
  • Create interactive voting inside of emails

Simple Quick Wins

Get started within minutes using our range of contextually targeted live content widgets including:

  • Countdown timers
  • Personalised Images
  • Weather forecasts
  • Store Locators
  • Social feeds
  • Custom API's, CSV files & webcrop

Integrates with your ESP

There is no need to change email sending platform as Reignite integrates with any email sending service.

  • Drop simple HTML tags into your email template
  • Add personalisation in minutes without any lengthy integration projects

 Reignite  in action

 Reignite  Features

Connect to any data sources

Add your own custom CSVs & APIs or use our pre-defined sources such as location, weather, social feeds & web scrape.

Rules, Recipes & Recommendations

Create the rules to display what content in what conditions, or use our recipe builder to create sophisticated merchandising criteria for what products and offers to display for each individual, including with product recommendation algorithms.

Sophisticated Design Tools

Use the Photoshop style canvas editor to create stunning data driven creative using your own fonts, dynamic images & add visual effects such as drop shadows before previewing how your images will look with real data.

Simple ESP Integration

Simply drop in a small piece of HTML into your email template where you want your personalised content to go. When the recipient opens the email the latest content will be fetched in real-time.

About Reignite & our services

Reignite was founded by email marketing industry veteran Sean Duffy. After founding boutique eCRM agency Segmentum Sean and his team found that no technology that allowed marketers to meet all of the requirements of the strategic personalisation programmes they were designing and implementing for clients.

As a result Reignite was developed, a range of solutions built for the specific needs of email personalisation.

Alongside the Reignite platform the expert team at Segmentum continue to offer a full range of services ranging from strategy through to bespoke data integration and implementation.