Accessible Pricing 
for Real-time Email Content

If you are simply looking to access our platform to use our real-time email content technology then our 'Quick Wins' plan is right for you.

This provides access to all of the real-time email data sources, the ability to add your own custom API's & feeds, & our 'Live Target' rules engine at a fraction of the cost of traditional platforms in this space.

  • Only pay for the number of emails opened
  • No contract
  • No setup fees
  • Choose between monthly or pre-paid credits for extra savings

Looking for the ultimate in email personalisation? Talk to us about our 'Strategic Email Personalisation' services.

Calculate your usage 

Calculate pricing based upon the number of live images viewed in your emails per month.* Enter your estimate in the box below or drag the slider.

Impressions per month

Monthly pay as you go

Month to month pricing that adapts based upon the number of opens in the last month. Cancel anytime.


$65 account fee with 10,000 free credits
✔ All features and data sources included

No contract, cancel anytime

Pre-paid Credits

Save up to 35% with pre-paid credits that can be used anytime within the next 12 months.


1M Credits (1 impression = 1 credit)
✔ All features and data sources included

save up to 35% over PAYG

* Each different live image in your email will cost 1 credit each time it is viewed. Minimum monthly spend of £49 for pay as you go accounts.

Frequently asked questions

What is an impression?

An impression is calculated each time a piece of live content is downloaded. This will be similar to the number of total opens you get in an email campaign. Each piece of live content in the email will generate an impression. An impression will deduct a single credit.

How can I estimate how many credits I need?

Impressions will relate very closely to the number of opens in an email, however repeat opens by the same individual will generate additional impressions. As a rule of thumb we typically see around 1.2 total opens for every unique open so you can times your unique opens by 1.2, and then by the number of live images to get a good estimate.

Is there a minimum contract length?

No, You can cancel at anytime before your next billing date.

Does my plan change automatically based upon the impressions in a month?

Yes, we bill retrospectively and calculate the bill differently each month based upon how much you use. Perfect if you expect volumes to vary as you don’t have to commit to a higher plan.

How long do pre-paid credits last for?

Credits will last for 12 months from the date of purchase.

What happens if I run out of pre-paid credits?

If you run out of credits we will automatically bill for a new credit pack of the same value. Alternatively you can purchase a different credit amount or switch to pay as you go.

How does your pricing compare to your competitors?

We use the exact same model of total impressions to calculate credits as our competitors – but our prices are typically a fraction compared to solutions with the same capabilities. Additionally we don’t make you commit to a guaranteed level of monthly commitment, ensuring you are not paying for credits you don't use.

Can I get a free trial?

A 14 day trial is available which includes 1,000 free credits for testing

What features are included in each plan?

Simple – all of them! No matter what plan you choose all features and data sources are included. All the new features we have coming up will also be included.

Can we get invoice terms rather than use a credit card?

Yes, where there is an expected high monthly usage or for pre-paid credits. Please contact us to discuss.

Is there a limit on the number of users?

No, you can have unlimited number of users accessing Reignite.

Do you offer discounts for registered charities?

Yes, we offer a flat 10% off for any registered charity. Please contact us before ordering so we can apply the discount for you.

Have more questions? Contact us so we can help